Who are we?

Brazilian Women in Economics (EconomistAs, in portuguese) is a research group that aims to study the various dimensions of the gender gap in Brazil. We are specifically interested in the relative lack of women in Economics, at the various stages of the academic career and in the labor market. We also intend to promote higher participation of women in Economics,  by increasing the connections between those who work in the private and public sectors and academia.


Research group

Gather data and disseminate results on the participation of women in various stages of Academia and the labor market. Understand the factors related to the low representation of women in the Economics profession. Evaluate the role of labor market policies.

Academic seminars

Slots dedicated to women researchers in all fields of Economics or men studying Gender Economics.

National Economics Meeting

Special session on Gender Economics at the annual meetings of the Brazilian Econometric Society in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

International workshop about gender

Participation of renowned researchers from the field as keynote speakers.

Fund raising

Raise resources from research agencies or other sources, aiming to collect data, obtain scholarships for students and invite renowned professors working on gender or acting in this type of initiative and other researchers in the field.