Dissemination: Annual Research Report edition 2020

We are launching the 2020 edition of the research report ‘Women in different stages of the Economics academic career in Brazil’. This report is meant to disseminate the results found in our third data collection, which, in 2020, gathered information referring to the academic year of 2019. Main results are:

  1. 58% of departments participated. We contacted 52 Economics research centers by sending the questionnaire, and 30 responded;
  2. Women represented 34.6% of the total graduating students. Among the students who completed their doctorate in Economics in 2019, 36.8% were women. At the master’s degree and undergraduate levels, this percentage was 32.2% and 34.9%, respectively;
  3. Women represented 26.6% of permanent professors. In the participating institutions, this number decreases as we observe higher career positions: women represented 32.4% of assistant professors, while being only 15.2% of full professors.