Pandemic has highlighted gender inequality

By Ediane Tiago*

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted gender inequality in Brazil. The new coronavirus uncovered old and forgotten problems like precarious basic sanitation, healthcare system failures, difficulty in income generation of millions of families, and the lack of access to digital resources – which separated who could continue working e who lost your source of income.

In this context, there is also gender inequality. “The school closures have a larger impact on women’s lives. They are still seen as responsible for taking care of the children and home. This has an impact on work” says the economist Ana Carla Abrão, coordinator of São Paulo State Reopening Plan.

In the first episode of Brazilian Women in Economics’s podcast – filiated to the research group EconomistAs, USP – Ana Carla explains, under the perspective of economic science, the decision-making process to reopening and warns: “We will see the increase of feminine unemployed, especially in the most disadvantaged social classes.”

Brazilian Women in Economics’s Paula Pereda, Laura Karpuska, Fabiana Rocha, and Dolores Diaz agree with Ana Carla and stay firm in the researches about gender issues and their effects on Economics.


Listen to the episode (available only in Brazilian Portuguese).

*Ediane Tiago is a journalist specialized in science, technology, and innovation. She is also a Brazilian Women in Economics’s collaborator.