Domestic violence against women in quarantine

By *Ediane Tiago 

The economists Laura Karpuska and Paula Pereda talked about the effects of domestic violence on women’s lives – which could be professional prejudices until loss of life. And, in this case, it is necessary to interfere in some way. The “normalization” of violence against women has been perpetuated by generations. The boys who have seen abuses tend to be more aggressive with their wives or girlfriends, and the girls accepted more the violence because they can’t understand when it begins.

This violence cycle – in addition to killing thousands of Brazilian women every year – has an impact on the future of families. “There is evidence in the literature which demonstrates the prejudice on the cognitive and behavioral development of children who experienced the domestic violence”, explains Paula Pereda, researcher and professor of University of São Paulo.

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*Ediane Tiago is a journalist specialized in science, technology, and innovation. She is also a Brazilian Women in Economics’s collaborator.