Congresswoman Tabata Amaral talks about women in politics

By Ediane Tiago*

Congresswoman (elected by São Paulo state)  Tabata Amaral had a realistic and inspiring conversation with the economists Laura Karpuska and Paula Pereda in today’s podcast. Raised in Vila Missionária, localized in the periphery of the south zone of São Paulo city, she only found out that she could dream when she got financial aid for studying in a private school. “It was the first time that someone asked me about my dream”, she said.

She thanks public school and, especially, professor Simone, who stimulated her to participate in the Mathematics Olympiads. As the winner of the silver medal, she caught the attention of a private school. When she found out that she could dream, she took the plunge into studies and, after a few years, was accepted (with tuition waiver) in six prestigious American universities. She chose Harvard to study Political Science and Astrophysics.

“I had an opportunity and saw Education transforming my life”, she affirms. Today she fights for quality education for everyone and for an increase of women’s participation in politics  – a necessary movement to balance visions and reduce social and gender inequalities in the country.

Let’s listen to this unmissable episode.

*Ediane Tiago is a journalist specialized in science, technology, and innovation. She is also a Brazilian Women in Economics’s collaborator.