Podcast: Patricia Ellen talks about female leadership and combating the crisis

In this new episode of Brazilian Women in Economics’s Podcast, Paula Pereda and Laura Karpuska talked to Patricia Ellen. She is a Bachelor of Business Administration from FEA-USP, master in Public Administration from Harvard, and MBA from Insead (European Institute of Business Administration). Nowadays, she is Secretary of Economic Development of São Paulo State.

Born and raised at Vila das Belezas (Campo Limpo, a neighborhood of São Paulo city), Patricia told us that access to education and the support of her family were fundamental to her trajectory. Her parents migrated from Sergipe to São Paulo and encouraged the very young Patricia to study at University of São Paulo.

She highlighted that female leaderships are positive in all fields. New Zealand and Germany, both with women in government control, have been considered positives examples in combating the virus.

Furthermore, Patricia told us that combating the Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge in her life and career. She also emphasizes how the São Paulo Plan has been a middle way, as the restrictions were elaborated by regions of the State. The Plan hasn’t adopted a lockdown like Europe. Besides that, our guest remembers the fact that the economic revival is directly related to the preservation of human life.

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